Hello there!

Welcome to the Shining Dragon Goddess blog.   BESD_Avatar_by_PhuiJL2

My name is Emma Jane and this blog is going to feature writings, pictures and videos about my own lifestyle, fashion, beauty, spirituality and all the good things in life that make me happy and content.

I will be updating when and where I can, about any topics that are important to me or interest me greatly. I will also be sharing my own expereinces and knowlegde on topics that I like – from beauty to spirituality, from world issues to personal issues.

I will be true and honest to myself and to all who have come to read my blog, I do hope that from this small blog, that there is something that can make your day shine a little brighter and that something positve can be taken away from reading this blog too.

I truly look forward to being on this blog, to expressing myself in a honest and positive way and share my expereince with life and happiness with all of you too.

This blog is so named due to that every woman in the world is truly a Goddess, both outside and within, as each one of us came from the Divine…and also after one of my faveourite mythical creatures, the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime that has been dear to my heart since childhood.

I also have an Instagram if you want to follow me there as well.

Thank you again for checking out my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.




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