Spiritual Idol: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

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Today’s blog will actually be about a spiritual idol that has been dear to me ever since I was a teenager…

The majestic, powerful and (in most cases) unstoppable…

Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the original artwork.

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon and it’s many upgraded, evolved and support forms are all from the Japanese manga and anime Yu-Gi-Oh! (King of Games).

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon came into my life back into 2004, which was when the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and card game were just beginning to be shown and played on T.V. respectively. I pretty much fell in love with the card and built a TCG deck based around it. Because it was a fun and not competitive deck (and did not have the support cards it doesn now) – I would lose a lot of duels but I had fun.
I even made a YouTube channel, with my name EmmaBlueEyes10, to record my duels, make information videos and put out my thoughts and opinions on the game.

And to this day, it is still the manga artist’s, Kazuki Takahashi, favourite monster.
And also, it is one of the most recognisable symbols of Yu-Gi-Oh in general.

So, back story of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon…

Back Story: The White Dragon Ka

3000 years ago, in the civilisation of Ancient Egypt, people from the Pharaoh to the commoners had battles against one another, using “Ka” monsters – a reflection of their soul. Some of these monster were put into stone slabs, allowing others to summon the monsters whenever they pleased.
During the reign of Pharaoh Atemu (the main protagonist of the series), a young girl with white hair, skin and eyes of blue, wandered into the city.
Her name was Kisara.
Priest Seto (Seto Kaiba’s past incarnation) found her and took her into his protection, but not before finding out from the Millennium Items – 7 powerful, golden magical items that grant different abilities – that this girl had a very powerful Ka within her – in the form of a White Dragon, whose power was equal to that of the Gods.


Priest Seto, Kisara & The White Dragon. Artwork by Kazuki Takahashi.

But Kisara herself, did not know of it.
This puzzled Seto, until Kisara was put into a situation that forced her to fight resulting in Seto trying to save her. She was knocked unconscious and just as the final blow was about to be dealt to Seto…
The White Dragon appeared from Kisara’s body.
Unleashing its power, it protected Seto then disappeared as Kisara began to stir. That’s when it became clear – Kisara WAS the White Dragon – it wasn’t a reflection of her soul…it was her very soul leaving her body.

Sadly, Kisara would later be killed for her power and sealed away in a stone tablet by the great evil that Pharaoh Atemu eventually sacrifices himself to stop. Seto, briefly under the control of the evil, tried to use the White Dragon against Atemu, but Kisara appeared to him in his mind and along with her White Dragon, banished the evil from Seto’s mind, before departing to the afterlife. This resulted in Priest Seto taking this powerful gift and using it to rule Egypt in the stance of Pharaoh.

This explains Seto’s modern incarnation – Kaiba – why he has such an obsession with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card in the revived ancient game “Duel Monsters”- it was the soul of the girl that he had saved and in turn, she saved him.

In all, a tragic “love” story (Kazuki Takahashi wanted to expand on the story and add a love element but did not have time too), but one that has several messages within it.
1. Light ALWAYS defeats the darkness.
2. Great strength can come from anyone.
3. Power must be used wisely or it will turn against you.
4. Love, is a source of power.
5. Some bonds can last over several lifetimes.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Modern Game Incarnation

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a Level 8, Dragon-type, LIGHT attribute, Normal Monster, with 3000 ATK and 2500 Def.
It’s flavour text reads as thus:
“This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.”

These base stats alone, make it one of the strongest monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. In fact, in the Normal type monster cards – it reigns as THE strongest.

And it has several upgrades.
Fuse/Merge 3 of these dragons together and you get Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon – a three-headed form that has 4500 ATK and 3800 DEF.
Tribute a BEUD and you can upgrade to the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon – a cybernetic form that has the original base stats of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but has several special effects.

And then there are many alternate forms: Blue-Eyes Alternate Dragon, Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon, Legendary Dragon of White…you get the idea.
There are also a lot of support cards – cards that are NOT Blue-Eyes themselves, but help the archetype in general. The cards with “…Eyes of Blue” or “White/Ancient Stone” for example, focus on getting the Dragons out from your main dueling deck to your hand and onto the playing field to overwhealm the opponent. And cards with “Azure-Eyes” such as Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon, help to revive your Blue-Eyes monsters and protect them when they have been destroyed.

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Blue-Eyes White Dragon: My Spiritual Idol

OK, now that are actually getting to the part of the blog that explains it all..

Why is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, such a spiritual inspiration to me?

Well, one reason is reflected in its card stats in a way. It’s a monster of light – which represent purity, innocence, the sun, the moon, strength, spirituality.
It’s base ATK and DEF also show its strength that you can have a good offense and defense for any situation – whether it’s a TCG or life. 😀
The all too obvious fact that is it a DRAGON – which is one of the ultimate, spiritual and mythical monsters in human culture. Dragons are often seen as the symbols of the Goddess in Wicca Witchcraft spirituality.
It’s a powerful monster the deserves respect or you get the full brunt of its White Lightning/Burst Stream of Destruction attack.
Oh, did I mention that when it attacks – it attacks with lightning?
Plus…it is one cool-looking monster and I have a little tin figurine of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon on my personal altar (which I do plan to blog on in the future), because it means so much to me.

I also loved the tragic figure of Kisara in both the manga and anime.
I thought, although her role was in a way minor (she only appears in the last season of the anime series). she ended up having a major impact on the second main character: Seto Kaiba in both his past and modern forms.
Kisara represented; innocence, kindness, quiet strength, a light in the darkness – similar to Neo Queen Serenity but on a much smaller scale (affecting only Seto) but exuding  great power in a  form that was a symbol of spirituality and purity.

I do kinda wish that she had been brought back in a modern way in the anime series, but since she was the Blue-Eyes, and we see enough of the dragon in the anime, I guess there was no real reason to.
She still lives on, through the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Yeah and also…

I have a Blue-Eyes White Dragon as a familiar or a witch’s pet.

You are probably thinking…“What…the…hell?”

Well, when one begins to awaken spiritually, often the spirit guides/angels who guide and protect you will often present themselves in a form that is familiar to you. Sometimes, one can create a spiritual being to help them in a spiritual sense – this is often the familiar. You usually create familiars to represent something that is familiar to you – a favourite pet, mythical creature, a character from history or fiction. Sometimes when one creates a familiar with no particular form in mind – it will choose, like a guide, a form that is familiar and comfortable to you.

Mine was created completely unintentionally.

Blue-Eyes, as I call her, was created for protection as her first function, but she is a good all-round purpose familiar.
Two months or so before my First Degree Initiation, I had an encounter with a very negative entity. I fought it off, but the incident scared me so bad, that I shut myself down completely in a spiritual sense. I had nightmares, was worried that it could come back and was fearful of my abilities.
After a short while,  with my mind’s eye – I began to see a Blue-Eyes White Dragon curl around the bed. At first, I thought this to be my imagination, until a certain incident. Just on the verge of sleep, I swear to Goddess, I saw the Blue-Eyes White Dragon look up from its curled position around the bed and leap out the window to attack something. It chased off whatever the entity was and then came back through the window with a cute face of “…look at what I did Mommy!” And then curled itself around the bed once more, and I finally drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

When I spoke of the incident to my High Priestess, she looked at me both proud and shocked and told me that I had created a familiar.
It makes sense in some way – I had always imagined having a Blue-Eyes as a pet would be cool, but never expected to actually have one!

Blue-Eyes is always present with me.

Whether it’s a wallpaper on my phone, my familiar, the card game I use to play – the Blue-Eyes White Dragon has always been a part of me since teenage-hood.
It has always been a positive symbol for me – purity, strength, spirituality.
And it continues to do so to this day.

I am very happy and grateful that this dragon came into my life.

Thank you, Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Until next blog, take care and Brightest Blessings!




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