2016 -Time for Reflections, 2017 – A Year of New Hope

Heyo everyone! BESD_Avatar_by_PhuiJL2

Hope you all had a very good Christmas, Yule or whatever holiday you celebrate during December! 😀

Now with 2016 almost at its end and 2017 just around the corner, I thought it be good to do a short blog of reflection on 2016 and what I hope for 2017.



Winter time is always a good time for reflection…especially with a New Year around the corner. Photo artwork by coyotepam.

2016 has been a very good year for me – a year of change and awakening mostly.
From changing jobs and lifestyle to myself changing more spiritually; my own psychic and magical skills awakening at a fast but comfortable pace.

It’s also been a time for me beginning to realise my true self – mainly through all the meditation work and spiritual tasks (such as through pendulum work and Tarot/Oracle card readings) that I have been doing.
One big lesson that I did learn this year is that change is inevitable…it will happen either through your own actions freely or will be placed upon you in a way that will snap you into action for the change to occur.
One other lesson I also have learned big time this year, was to listen and trust my intuition and Goddess more. It helped me to move on in my jobs and was a key component for the changes that happened to me as well, as helping to discover more about myself.

It’s been humbling and exciting to learn and discover more about myself, both in a physical and spiritual sense. I never though I’d learned and develop so quickly – it feels as though it all happened in a flash!
Of course, most of what I have discovered and learned about myself is private, between me, Goddess, my coven and my life partner. But I am happy to share  things with you, if it can help make you feel positive about 2016 – even if you feel like you didn’t have a good year.

Remember all the positives that you have had for 2016 – even if they seems small, because it is often the small and little things that make the biggest differences to oneself.
Remember to thank yourself, others or whatever deity/spiritual belief you have, for any and all little and big things that happened in 2016 – gratitude and respect for changes always makes a big difference!

So thank you 2016 for being a year of change and awakening for me, it has been nice knowing you!


“With every death and destruction, comes hope and rebirth. And you are the one who brings them…Super Sailor Moon.”


I am looking very forward to 2017 – for one thing: its magical number is 1 – a number greatly associated with new hopes and manifestation of dreams and ideas.

I am hoping to start several new things in 2017 – some which I cannot share, yet.
Others do include some more common things and ideas, such as finding a new job, starting an exercise regime,  growing spiritually and dedicating myself more to Goddess as her priestess.
As well as continuing the lessons that I have learned from 2016 – such as trusting my intuition and Goddess more.

As for some dreams, I would like to travel to visit more sacred sites in Cornwall and neighbouring counties both with my spiritual friends and on my own.
I am also hoping to have my Second Degree Initiation in 2017 as well, my High Priestess has acknowledged that I am ready and I already have some ideas on when to have it – after the Year and One Day time limit, of course.
I definitely want to develop and discipline myself more spiritually – I know that it won’t be easy – 2016 was hard for me to get into meditations and other spiritual tasks, but I did and I wish to continue and get better at it!

I’d also would like to visit my family, back in Scotland some time this year too – my little sister is coming down to visit in spring which is fantastic as I haven’t seem here for almost 3 years (due to her being at university and me down in Cornwall).

And probably the most important one – is to get married.

Yep you heard right –  I have been engaged to my life partner, Chris,  since May 2014 and we have a rough date for this year – autumn 2017. No other details have been decided except that it will be a small wedding – family only.


That is it for this blog – sorry that it is a short one but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on 2016 ending and 2017 beginning. Share some of the lessons that I did learn and what dreams I have for the future.

Till next time, have a most wonderful New Year for 2017…
And Brightest Goddess Blessings to you all!



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