My Idol #1: Neo Queen Serenity

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Okie dokie, so today’s blog is going to be all about my number one idol that I have loved and admired since childhood…

Neo Queen Serenity from the anime Sailor Moon.

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I fell in love with this character when I was about 10 years old, ever since I saw the episode  where she battled the final enemy in Season 2 (Classic Sailor Moon: episode 81 “Final Battle” English Dub; episode 88 “The Final Battle Between Light and Dark: Pledge of Love to the Future.” Japanese Sub).

It’s ironic really, as that episode and episode 40 of the Classic Sailor Moon english dub (46 in the Japanese) are the first episodes of Sailor Moon I ever watched on T.V. (when I was allowed control of the Sky box) and is where I first saw her younger form – Princess Serenity – long, long, before I knew who she was, what anime was, what Sailor Moon really was.
She only appears in the series at significant times…
But she really made an impact on me.

First off, I loved her design. I loved her white dress, her crown and the fact that she had the power of the moon and Silver Crystal. (Highly ironic that makes sense to me now, since I am a witch!).
Even though I had always loved the Disney Princesses, this character was nothing like them…and it was a nice change. It was empowering to see such a strong, but different female character, even at my young age.

Neo Queen Serenity was beauty, power, grace, elegance, kindness, compassionate – almost everything I saw as being important in an idol. And my admiration for her grew as I came to watch the anime in its entirety and read up on the information about her and the background legends she came from.


Before I go any further as to why I like her so much…some backstory on the anime she is from.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon 2

In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!

Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga (comic) and anime (cartoon) series created by Naoko Takeuchi back in the 1990s and was one of the great animes that was introduced to the Western world several years later that encourage the meaning of friendship, love and female empowerment.

The basic back story is a thus: Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom falls in love with the Prince of the Earth – Endymion – but sadly both lose their lives in a battle between the two great kingdoms over the Silver Crystal, an artefact that has great cosmic power. They are both reincarnated in modern-day Japan, and Serenity – reborn as Usagi Tsukino – is then transformed into the warrior Sailor Moon, in order to protect Earth and the Silver Crystal from the bad guys. Along the way, Endymion – reborn as Mamoru – and her fellow Sailor Guardians (Sailors: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Chibi Moon, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) help Sailor Moon along her path, uncover the past, protect the Silver Crystal and battle for the future, where Sailor Moon becomes Neo Queen Serenity, Queen of the Earth and Moon.

Sailor Moon is a lot more complicated and detailed than that I will admit, but I hope I did OK with a summary!!!
If you ever get a chance to read the manga or watch the animes, both the classic 90s one or the Crystal reboot, please do – it is truly a fantastic series, well written and truly awe-inspiring.

OK, fan-girling squee done, now on with the actual blog…

Neo Queen Serenity

Neo Queen Serenity, is the future form of Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, all grown up and is ruler of both the Earth and Moon. She uses the Silver Crystal (an extension of her power) to bring forth everlasting peace, prosperity and longevity to the people of Earth.

As you can see from her design, her most obvious feature is her hair, two odango bun bunch ponytails. In Japanese mythology, the Moon is seen as a hare or rabbit, and Serenity’s hair reflects that in a way. In fact, her human name Usagi Tsukino means “Rabbit of the Moon”. Sometimes it is also connected to the Moon Butterfly, as from her dress design, her bow often reflects the wings of a butterfly while her hair is the “antennae” so to speak.

Her second feature, is the golden Crescent Moon symbol on her forehead. This is an actual birthmark – usually most prevalent when Sailor Moon transforms into her regal forms for a power boost or to access the full power of the Silver Crystal. It is the symbol of the Moon Royal family.

Her next biggest feature, is her dress: often always white, with gold detailing, sometimes with a pink or white bow. It is based of the detailing that one can find on classic column structures. In the 90s cartoon, Neo Queen Serenity’s dress was simplified and made to be more figure hugging, as well as her golden crown was made more elaborate.
In comparison to her manga and Crystal form, her dress is pretty much the same as when she was a princess, just with a larger bow and her simple white crown was kept.

These artworks were done by the very talented Karl Hoffman, please check them out!

In the series, she is shown to be kind, loving, protective and above all…a very elegant lady and a wonderful mother. Yes, she has a daughter – Small Lady Usagi or Chibiusa – who becomes the next Sailor Moon, so to speak. Admired and loved by all, she puts love, friendship and justice as her highest priorities. She is often called a “goddess” by both admirers and enemies alike.

Highly ironic, since she IS a goddess. And is very based off one too.

In her past life as Princess Serenity, her mother – Queen Serenity – stated that she was an incarnation of the Moon Goddess Selene.
Does that name sound familiar?
Well, if not, I shall remind you…

Selene is my personal patron Goddess in my spirituality – witchcraft/wicca.

Yep…if you haven’t already put the pieces together…

Sailor Moon and Neo Queen Serenity, are based off the classic Greek legend of Selene and Endymion.

Mind blown?
Mine was, once I started to do my research on Selene when I first started my spiritual path.
All those years, I wondered why I had liked Neo Queen Serenity so much, and not from aside that she was a kick-ass character.
And here it was…she was a re-invention of my personal Goddess. No wonder I felt such a connection to her!

It was very awesome, awe-inspiring and refreshing, to see such a wonderful, classic Greek story about love being re-invented and mixed with Japanese mythology. A bit of a strange mix, you may say…but a wonderful mix none the less!!
It’s not one of the most recognisable and popular animes in the world for nothing…it has a bit of everything and you can betcha that there is something for everyone in this anime that may connect with you in a positive way, like Serenity did for me. 🙂

Neo Queen Serenity only appears in the manga/anime a few times; her most prevalent appearances are during season 2, where in the future – due to an enemy attack – she is put into a crystallised coma…


The Queen encased in the Silver Crystal, protecting her from attack but unfortunately rendering her powerless to fight in the future.

…and Sailor Moon has to come forth from the past to stop the enemy from rewriting history by destroying both the Silver Crystal and the Queen’s past self – Sailor Moon. Along the way, Neo Queen Serenity’s daughter – Chibiusa a.k.a. Sailor Chibi Moon – also helps out in both the past and future and eventually grows into a strong Sailor Guardian in her own right.

At other times that she has appeared has often been from Chibiusa’s flashbacks or when Sailor Moon transforms into her future self to use the full power of the Silver Crystal to save/revive the Earth when it is called for, often during or after the climax of a battle against the bad guys.


Sometimes, there are days, when you just have to put on THAT dress/crown…and remind them who you are…

Neo Queen Serenity is also shown to be realative human and relateable in some attributes. For example – often when overseeing a stuffy, boring meeting/ceremony, she would pretend to get ill to get out of it and then miraclously recover after the meetings/cermonies had finished. Often times, she would spend time with her husband, Endymion, going for walks in the gardens and play with her daughter, Chibiusa. She also still hated doing housework of any kind and was still terrible at writing, but still loved and was good at drawing. She also still loved playing with jewellery and hanging out with her Sailor Guardian friends, when duties permitted.

I bet we can all relate to some of the above examples I’ve given, no?
I can with somethings…but that’s for another blog.

The most powerful attribute about Neo Queen Serenity, is the fact that she can use the full power of the Silver Crystal to it’s full extent and not suffer any side effects or even die from it. The Silver Crystal reflects from a person’s heart and life-force – often when using its full power, the one who gave it life-force to do so, will die.
But Neo Queen Serenity doesn’t suffer from this.
Mainly for two reasons:

  1. Neo Queen Serenity is the most powerful form of Sailor Moon –  so she is naturally more attuned to using that amount of power.
  2. The Silver Crystal IS a part of Neo Queen Serenity – in fact you could say that it is her very soul. As such, she is the only one who can access the full power and use it accordingly, since it is a part of her.

The Silver Crystal, along with the Crescent Moon, are pretty much synonymous symbols of Neo Queen Serenity. They are also prevalent symbols of the Moon Goddess (not just Selene) in general.

Crescent moons are very powerful symbols in Wicca and we often use them for protection, spellwork and healing. We even use the different phases of the Moon (Waxing, Full and Waning) to perform the different spells and rituals depending on what we wish to bring into our lives or get rid of.
Crystals, connected to the moon are also used in this way and are often used to symbolise Goddess.
The most obvious crystal for a Moon Goddess – is Moonstone.
And Selene does in fact have her own crystal – Selenite.


So in a nutshell…

Neo Queen Serenity is my most admired idol because of who she is, what she is and how relatable she is.
Neo Queen Serenity is a Moon Goddess (Selene) in a re-invented form, who carries a lot of positive attributes that I personally admire and although she appears only a few times; her appearances are memorable and have an impact.
As I said before, she is a very elegant lady…but loving to all and powerful  in her own right.
Neo Queen Serenity shines her light and love all around her and extends that light to others who may have lost their way.

So the most important reason why I love and admire Neo Queen Serenity so much is…

Neo Queen Serenity, like the Moon, is literally a light in the darkness.

And I feel that is her most important attribute that I admire the most and hence why I do my best to try to allow my own light to shine in the darkness.


Allow your own soul to light up the darkness!


Now, I could go on, but I think for the time being, that this already long, blog post is sufficient enough to show you why I love and admire this character from Sailor Moon so much. More than likely I will revisit in the future.
I do hope that you enjoyed this blog and please, if you can, check out the Sailor Moon manga and animes and enjoy them too, trust me, it is well worth the read/watch.
If you’d like to share your own thoughts on Neo Queen Serenity, or on your favourite characters from Sailor Moon, please post down in the comments below!

Until then, I do hope that you enjoyed this blog and until next time, Brightest Blessings!


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