My Fashion Style #2

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Uuummm…sorry for the…late part 2? *hides*

In all honesty, I kind of forgot about this until I was looking through my blog and I figured…

“Well, I haven’t done a blog like this for a while and it be nice to have a little break from the spiritual blog writing and I DID promise there be a part 2…”

So here is My Fashion Style #2!

If one wishes to see what my previous blog, My Fashion Style #1 is all about, check it out here.
My Fashion Style #1 focuses on my fashion and style from when I was very young to high school years.

This blog, is going to focus on the late teenage and my adult years, up until now.

I do hope that you enjoy this blog!

And here we go…

My Fashion Style #2


Continuing on from where we left off, I had now left high school and had a year-long break…before managing at the last moment to get a place at Plymouth university (but it was based at Truro College) to study my life-long ambition at that point – Archaeology!

My life-plan 10 years ago, was roughly this: get an archaeology degree, take another year gap to gain experience, then apply for an Egyptology degree somewhere and become an Egyptologist, get married, get a house, have a family.

Sounds simple right?

Wrong. Sadly, life cannot be that simple at times.

Unfortunately for me, two major things happened:

  1. The economic depression hit. Many museums would not take on new jobs and had to downsize a lot too. They would only take volunteers – which wasn’t good enough for me at the time (I needed the pay).
  2. Tuition fees went up to ridiculous amounts when the new Government came in (thankfully after I had left university), they had promised they wouldn’t raise them but they lied (as usual), so an average year in tuition would cost almost £9000!

Yeah…I was lucky to get my degree when I did, but unfortunately due to circumstance outside my control, certain events did ruin any chances I had to further my Egyptology ambition – which is something I regret to this day.
But that’s another blog for later, methinks. 😉

Back to the fashion!

University Fashion

OK – this period of my life is where I stared to wear a lot of white.
No matter what time of day it was – I always had something white on me – be it a T-shirt, skirt, accessory etc.

It was also the first appearances of me wearing my typical white dress – albeit it was kept for special occasions – such as going to the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG tournament at Mad For Miniatures at St. Austell every Saturday! (Yeah I was mad into my Yu-Gi-Oh back then…again…another blog for another time! Wow, the ideas are coming thick and fast now! LOL!)

I also got into the habit of wearing a lot of mini-skirts and dresses and high-heeled shoes! Not really a good idea for the most part, but hey! You live and learn, that is what university years are all about! XD

But again, if one were to describer my style for the time period it would, again, be…

Simple and elegant.

No matter what time of day – I always dressed to my best – even if it was no more than tops and jeans for the day. Like I said in my first fashion blog – I got that impression from my Nana who was always dressed to her best no matter what time of day.

The accessory line-up was following the same lines as the clothes – simple and elegant but with sparkle! I HAD to have sparkle!

Life Lesson 101 – Sparkles ALWAYS makes things better…and prettier!

Jewellery would often be in the colours of silver and white, (no surprise) but I’d also go for the bright colours of teal, turquoise, sky blue and sapphire blue. In my mind – if I wear all white, the accessories should either complement the outfit or give some contrast with a punch of colour.
Often times, when I’d wear my white maxi dress, I’d often pair it with big dangle diamenté earrings that had blue and turquoise colours. Nowadays, I know that look would overwhelm me due to the size of the accessories I wore back then – I know now that because I am petite (only 5″ here!), small accessories are better for me than oversized ones. Again, it was a lot of lessons learned through experimentation.

So that there was my fashion at university in a nutshell! Thankfully, I do have a few photos from that “era” (lol) as it were…

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My Fashion As An Adult (Early 20s to Now…)

When I finished university and earned my degree, Chris (my then boyfriend) and I moved back up to Scotland to save up for a place and for future life plans.

This is where, I think, I started to really get a feel for my style of fashion and makeup too, especially after a certain job incident that left me in depression…and all I could do to fill the void was play with fashion and make-up during that time.

This where I started to become really feminine in my clothes and go for the more simplistic styles in both make up and accessories.

I loved maxi dresses still, and I was wearing a few that had the “off shoulder” look, and I still wore my mini skirts and some lovely Bohemian/Gypsy style clothing too. I didn’t understand it back then, but I was becoming more aligned with myself in what I wore.
It was also around this time I got my hair redone by a friend – into a layered, side fringe style. I loved the new changes I was doing. I loved my style – although I will admit – sometimes it wasn’t really suitable for Scottish weather and climate, lol – but being me – I wore dresses even if it snowed!

Imma proud Scottish lass – I can handle it!

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But it wasn’t until I moved down to Cornwall in 2014 that my fashion style became what I am recognised by today.

When I found my spirituality in witchcraft – I found my style.

Cliché to say…but true.

And it wasn’t your typical witch style either, which is highly ironic. No black or Gothic styles for me, even though…I will admit…I was TEMPTED to go that route…I am glad I didn’t.

It’s just not me.

I really went for the white Bohemian style/Gypsy style dress. It just really, really suited me.
It’s just ME!
It’s just so simple and elegant and feminine. (Sue me for repeating what is true and right for me!)
And I am not ashamed to admit – I have a least 6 Gypsy style dresses and at least 4 of them are the same exact one style (I just love it that much, OK?).
I also love the “off-shoulder” look you can get with these dresses – one had to thank Disney’s Princess Belle and Sailor Moon’s Princess Serenity for that!
Off-shoulder stlye dresses to me are – modest but at the same time deeply sexy. It’s showing some skin – but without it being too much, if you know what I mean?

I like to keep an air of mystery… (lol).

In witchcraft: white is purity, spirituality, protection, divination, cleansing and Goddess – it’s also a perfect blend of all 7 colours. If you separate white light with a prism – you get the 7 colours of the rainbow. Perfect balance in a way.

For me – the colour is not just a perfect match for my body shape or skin tone – it suits me perfectly for magick too!

My accessories became basically what I wear for magick too – mostly pentacles, crystals and Goddess symbols. I still wear my pearls too.
And slowly, I began to wear less and less make-up too – if I do wear make-up now – it is no more than foundation, mascara, lipstick and some highlighter now. It’s incredible how my tastes and style in make-up has changed over the past few years. (Again, another blog, for another time!).

I also began to wear my high heels less and less – I still like heels but I am much more comfortable in kitten heels rather than stilletos now. And I also MUCH prefer the flat ballet shoes too – certainly makes it easier to move about if I am in a hurry!

Ironically, because of my style – to some people, I am recognised as the “White Witch” just becuase of the way I dress. I am approachable and admirable in the way I dress and style now. Often I get little ones aking if I am a Princess or a Witch, which is lovely to hear really.

It makes me smile. 🙂

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In Conclusion

It’s humbling, funny and pleasant in a way to hear that I am no longer “wierd” or “old-fashioned”.

I have found my style.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t change all that much 10 years from now.

This is my fashion style…in the form…of…

A White Witch.

It’s who I am and who I am proud to be.

And my fashion style reflects that.

And that is now it should be. 🙂

Thank you kindly for reading this blog, I do hope that you enjoyed it. Until the next time, Brightest Blessings!



Working On The Land Workshop Retreat – May 2018

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Sorry I have been away for a while – I have just had  no real topic to share in writing for the time being, but that’s all over now!

So today’s blog is:

Working On The Land Workshop – May 2018


About one month before I decided to go, I had finished reading Cassandra Latham-Jones’s book Village Witch: Life As A Village Wisewoman In The Wild West Of Cornwall.

Cassandra is a woman living the witch’s dream she lives, breathes and works as a village wisewoman or village witch for St. Buryan, Cornwall and has been doing so since the 1980s.

She casts spells, makes charms, reads tarot, communes with spirits and the land, cleanses persons/objects/homes – you name witchcraft – she does it!


And I had also decided to have a look at her and her partner’s blog.
I saw the workshop advertised and was thinking about it when I heard an inner voice saying, “Go to the workshop…”

At first, I dismissed this inner nudge…but then I started to get synchronicity and signs that YES! I should go.

Especially when I pulled my oracle or tarot cards for the day.

So I surrendered (as best as I could – I am not one for giving up control – typical Sagittarius…) and with help from my darling husband – I booked my place on the workshop.

Wow…did Goddess come through for me on that one!

Friday 11th May 2018

So I packed my things the night before and double checked my journey plans. My husband saw me off at the 8.30am bus to Plymouth, where I would change for a train to Penzance, then another bus or taxi to St. Buryan to make it in time for the workshop that evening.

I arrived around 3pm in St. Buryan and went to the little B&B I had booked. I settled in and went for a short nap, afterwards I had a quick dinner then headed over to the home of Cassandra and Laetitia Latham-Jones.

I arrived way early, the workshop began at 7.30pm but I arrived at 7pm – I didn’t know the place – so naturally I was going to be early but boy did I underestimate just how far away the wisewoman’s house was, it was only 5 minutes away from the B&B!

I was welcomed warmly and sat in awe at being inside a witch’s house! Then the other person on the workshop, Nick arrived. He had been to all of last year’s workshop and had wanted to come again.

My reasons for coming to the workshop were simple really – it had felt right to do so and I wanted to learn my basics and discover anything new; learning from a true wise one.
I mentioned to Cassandra and Laetitia that I wanted to work as a witch – I wanted to live my life from my craft and services to Goddess, and how true and right it felt to me. (Another blog for another time! 😉 )
Cassandra whooped with joy at that – I felt so awed, humbled and happy that she and Laetitia accepted that for me. (Thank you ladies!).

Friday night was wonderful – we talked about all manner of topics: ranging from modern politics to witchcraft to spiritualism to growing up and what shaped us.
We stayed until about 11pm then we all said good night with promises of what was to come the next day – working with basic witchcraft correspondences and charm-making, along with a blessing ritual and going out to a sacred site to work with the land, all of this starting at 1.30pm.

Saturday 12th May 2018


I couldn’t wait for that time to come around fast enough. This time I made sure to be only 5 minutes early – even then waiting for that was blinking torture!

When it did, I was treated once again to a warm welcome and Nick and I sat down to begin our workshop. Cassandra sat opposite us and began to ask some basic questions about correspondences we knew and how we personally work with magick.

As a witch already, with First Degree Gardnerian Tradition training – I already knew some of the basic correspondences that Cassandra and Laetitia were talking about (colours, weekdays, herbs, crystals, deities, elements etc).

To give one an idea of what we witches (or pagans) mean by correspondences, here is a little slide show of the very basics:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And correspondences are basically, in their most simplest terms are:

A recipe/ingredient list for spells/charms/amulets/magick and intent.

For example:

A spell for love, would be best done on a Friday (Venus’s day, the Goddess of Love), with a pink or green candle (colour correspondence for love/Friday), using a rose quartz crystal (stone of love) and rose petals (the flower of love) and you could call upon Venus/Aphrodite as the Goddess of Love to work with.

Of course I am not telling how to do the spell – I am only showing you what ingredients may be used in said spell if you wanted it to reach maximum power to work.

And we also went over some basic astrology and planetary hours – which I had almost next to no knowledge about. (The math said of it put me off…).
But Cassandra taught me that, as long as you know the basics and always refer back to the basics – one can never go wrong.
In fact – learning and studying and researching your correspondences can actually put you in the right frame of mind for magick. It can really set your mind to your intent and put all of your focus, like a laser beam, onto said intent.

With our new knowledge written down and sharedfrom Cassandra; Nick and I sat down with Laetitia to make our charms. We had two options – make a charm bag from scratch or use an already made item to place the items within to make the charm. Nick chose a little woven bauble ball, while I chose to make mine from scratch.

My intent for this charm was this:

 I ask for the purification and the courage to be whom I am meant to be.

The correspondences would take too long to explain, so here is a table to explain my recipe for the charm.

charm correspondances

So my charm bag was made out of red and black material, sewn up with said colours too. Laetitia guided us on what charms were about and the items we wanted to use for said charms. I then put the correct number of corresponding ingredients into the bag and sealed it shut once I had decided on what to put into it (see table above).

The charms, once made were then placed onto the altar (a beautiful open-fire hearth) to charge for later that night.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos taken by Laetitia Latham-Jones.

When then broke up so that we could all get some dinner and decided to reconvene at 8pm.

8pm came around and we had a chat about many topics again and also had a lot of laughs – it was so much fun and so very relaxing at the same time. Then it was time to do the blessing ritual.

Laetitia guided us to the altar and had all four elements out on said altar. We asked each element to bless and awaken our charms, passing the charm through incense (air), over a candle (fire), sprinkled with water (water) and finally onto the pentacle and stone of the hearth itself (earth).

Then we went out to a sacred site…at 10pm at night.

I have only ever been out that late for magick…once. So it was a new and interesting (slightly scary) experience for me. Before we did so – we had a shot of rum. I have NEVER had rum before, so yeah – that was interesting to say the least. I probably won’t have it too often though – man did it burn my throat!
But…it did it’s job of keeping me warm for the cold night air!

We went to the Merry Maidens stone circle (only about 1 mile from St. Buryan).
Before we did anything, Cassandra asked the spirits of the place (genus loci) for permission to enter and perform magick.
After permission was granted, we entered the circle from the north and Cassandra took out her bull-roarer. It’s a leaf-shaped piece of wood tied to string that hums and vibrates when its swung around, raising the vibrations of the place. Cassandra talks about it in her book and there are photos of her using it – but wow, was it something to actually see it in action!

I felt the energy of the circle lift and vibrate with good vibes as it were, then Cassandra and Laetitia instructed us on what to do next. We had to go to each stone and say a prayer/rhyme/intent and ask the stones for their blessing, going widdershins (anticlockwise) to go with the moon phase which was waning.

I went before each stone, placed my charm atop the stone and said my intention:

 I ask for the purification and the courage to be whom I am meant to be.

Going to each stone and then resting a moment at each one to feel the energy. I swear the stones were vibrating every time I did this.
At the very last stone, I knelt down in front of it and touched my forehead to the stone.
“Energy given and energy taken. Thank you.” I said.

I got a little emotional with this ritual – it really hit me in the feels to be a part of this wonderful experience.

It was surreal.


Merry Maidens stone circle. There I am grinning like a fangirl, lol.

After we had finished, we all then went back to the wisewoman’s home to have libations of Cornish mead and saffron cake.

We had a little more longer chat, including giving feedback on the workshop and then we said good night and goodbyes.

But I wasn’t finished!

Sunday 13th May 2018

Sunday saw me back at Cassandra’s just after 3pm, for a Tarot Reading. Laetitia provides a spiritual/mediumship reading too – so I was really looking forward to it!

The tarot reading was very revealing to me.

It showed me that I was on the right path for now, that my spirituality and financial/material stability was a big factor in all of this.
There were also some personal/past issue that came up that allowed me to see things, including my relationship with my husband in a new light, in a positive way.

It was well worth it. The reading helped me to confirm my current spiritual path for me as well as address said issues that had been bothering me of late as well as reveal a little more about myself and how I was shaped in the past.

That is true magick for you. That is witchcraft for you.

It does reveal the truth…and it will change you.


All in all, this workshop, Working On The Land 2018 was…


I would definitely recommend this workshop to ANYONE, whether you are a new, a novice or an already established wise one – this workshop really does take you back to the basics both on the inside and outside. It reminds you that when it comes to magick – you work with what you have and it never hurts to have the extra or general knowledge to hand.

I had a wonderful, awe-inspiring time with the village wisewomen of St. Buryan.

It was a humbling and enlightening experience for me.
I am so glad I listened to my inner guidance and went for it. I am thankful to Cassandra and Laetitia for this wonderful weekend. I am thankful to Goddess for guiding me and letting me go to this event.

A wonderful memory that I was keep close to my heart and treasure to the end of my days.

Thank you.


Until the next time, take care and Brightest Blessings!



Goddess Transformations #1

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Well…have I got a lot to tell you!

Sorry that it has been a while…this blog took a while to write!
So much has happened to me since Samhain (Halloween) and I now feel ready to tell you more about it. A lot of revelations have been revealed, changes have occured and are still occuring, Goddess has been guiding me once again within Her gentle embrace.

So let’s begin!


The Wheel Of The Year. This is for date references.

Samhain 2017

Well, this is where it all started really.

After having my Tarot group, my High Priestess of my Coven quietly took me aside and delivered the news to me.

I was asked to leave the Coven, (I was still suffering from depression badly at that time), and to take time out to recover as well as make several descions regarding my future within my coven.

To say the least, I was shocked and upset by it. But at the same time, I DID expect it.

Just a few weeks before, I went to a local sacred well with my HPS and we had a long talk. I talked about how I felt I was letting my coven down – I was going to rituals and meetings but I felt like I wasn’t contributing anything in terms of ideas or energy – I felt stagnant within the coven. I felt like I was letting Goddess down and suggested that I needed a break from it all to sort myself out.

So quite literally, on Samhain, the day of the dead – I suffered death in the form of leaving the coven.

Yule 2017

To say I was at my darkest point, like that of Yule (Christmas) was a highly ironic and fitting statement to say the least. I had lost my light and unlike Yule where we pagans and witches know the sun would rise again – I felt like my own sun would not come up for a while.

Just a few weeks before, (end of November) I caught that awful flu virus that had been going around and was beddridden for 4 days and off work for 2 weeks.

But the good thing that happened was that I went to the first meeting of a new Goddess group. I met new, like-minded people who loved Goddess but were not neccassary witches/wiccans. From that first lesson – let’s just say it put into persepctive how long Goddess worship has been around in comparison to modern religions and also to the pagan concept of a God & Goddess.

We had a red yarn for Goddess worship (80 ft) with 1 ft representing 1000 years. We passed the red yarn around a dozen times.
Then we had another coloured yarn representing when the Goddess was introduced with the God/Son/Consort concept, which was 20 ft long.
The anothern represent when male Gods became the main religion and the Goddess was just the submissive partner (5 ft long) and two yarns represented Chrisiainity (2 ft long) and Islam (1 ft long).

It blew my mind.

Also I celebrated my first Esbat (moon ritual) on my own and I felt a small connection rekindle to Goddess.


Celebrating my first Esbat on my own in a long time.

January 2018

Once again, I had celebrated my own Esbat ritual on my own and I felt the connection to myself and Goddess grow a little bit stronger.

I began to re-read a lot of my own books that I had on witchcraft and wicca and as I read, I felt something connect more on the plains of witchcraft and not wicca. I was becoming confused with certain concepts within wicca – some I didn’t agree with – but I couldn’t really figure out what it was that was bothering me.

It was not until after I had a talk with a friend that I realised that the problem I had with wicca was – that is was modern.

I know that sounds strange – “How can a spiritual practice based on an anceint concept be modern?”

Well, think of it this way:

Witchcraft is intuitive, flexible, going with the flow of nature and a practical craft. It can be religious or not. It’s pretty much a pick and mix of what feels right to you.

To quote Leanne Marrama, a Salem witch, “I look at witchcraft as exactly what it is. it’s a Craft. It’s a verb. I don’t sit on it. I do it.”

Wicca is the same but it’s a bit more rigid and structured. It does have some rigid beliefs and concepts. It much more religious in it’s terms; there isn’t as much magic/craft work being done as much in some ways.
And the kicker? Wicca was only invented 60 years ago. Witchcraft is as old as shamanisim.

Truths were starting to resonate with me, deep in my soul about a lot of things about my spiritual path.

The following  quotes below that I have found and saved to my personal files sums up everything about witchcraft and witches.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

January Blue Moon 2018

In the few days before the Blue Moon (2nd Full Moon in a 28 day cycle), the Hindu Goddess Kali made Her presence known to me, through books I read and pictures shared on social media by friends and in small meditations I did. I took it as a sign to work with Her during this Blue Moon.


The Hindu Goddess Kali, from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Oracle Cards.

I wrote out my positive desires in a letter to Kali and also wrote what I wanted Her to take away from me – Kali is the Goddess of Destruction and Rebirth – focusing on my spirituality, my personal self and my jobs: my crystal healing and my physical part-time job.

My husband also joined me in on this Esbat and wrote down a letter for what he wanted too.

This Esbat was intense. I danced wildly to raise a Cone of Power and sincerely poured my heart out to Kali. It was a wonderful Blue Moon Esbat. I felt blessed and connected.

Imbolc 2018

After the Blue Moon, I slowly started to see with intense clarity, many thruths about myself that (at the time) I didn’t want to admit. I was feeling that change was coming in many ways although I couldn’t explain it. I was also re-reading a book, Witch: Unapolgetic, Unleashed, Untamed by Lisa Lister – that is specificaly written for female witches.


A lot of what she was saying in her book was making sense and resonating with me.

I went to my ex-coven’s Imbolc Ritual (I’m in the coven’s outer circle, which allows us to come to the Sabbats) and sad to say – I felt no connection. At all.

I appreciated the ritual – it was lovely, but I got the feeling that the coven was no longer for me.

I was begining to discover my truths.

February 2018

After Imbolc, there were small but significant truths being identified with me – from realising that the coven wasn’t for me, to what I was really wanting to do with my life path, to understanding a little bit more of WHO I was, than what I WANTED to be.

The first truth was: I am a witch. Not a wiccan. The Wicca path is no longer for me. I appreciate all the learning and expereince I got from it, I am grateful that I did find that path. But Wicca is not for me.
Witchcraft is me.

Second: I wanted to serve Goddess through my crystal healing and through my witchcraft services.

Third: How do I balance my physical/human life with that of my spiritual life?

The thing was how do I answer these truths?
Well, the answers came in forms of talking to other people, through my books, especially when I re-read Village Witch by Cassandra Latham-Jones, who is a practicing witch/village wisewoman who actually lives off her craft. I also discovered a new witch channel on youtube that I like, The White Witch Parlour a few months prior but I really stated to watch her videos around this time.


Village Witch, Life As A Village Wisewoman In The Wilds Of West Cornwall by Cassandra Latham-Jones.

I started to get that nudge, like I did with starting my crystal healing – that I needed to do more, I needed to offer my services in the name of Goddess – I was needing to come out and offer my services not just as a crystal healer…but as a witch!

It also helped that a group Tarot reading by my group at the Wise Old Crow done for me helped to confirm these ideas…and also warned that March would be a tough month for me.

March 2018

March has been quite a tough month – emotionally for me. I felt that niggling feeling of change coming – things didn’t help when on my way to the Goddess group last month, I saw my power animal – a fox.
Every time I have seen a fox, it has signified a life change for me. Usually how the fox moves can dictate what the change can be like – the first time I saw a baby fox while on home from a ritual, which sadly died from being hit by a car (I was bawling like a baby) – a month later (after my husband’s father passed away unexpectedly) I discoverd I was a medium!

Talk about a life change!

The next time I saw a fox, it went halfway out onto the road that darted back the way it came – at that time my life reflected this going back and forth scenario.

This time at the Goddess group, it was lying down, resting in a field. Stagnant.
Perfectly reflecting my life and how I felt. I felt stagnant. But I also got the feeling of needing to rest more – I won’t lie – physically and emotionally this month I was exhausted!
I went for naps in the afternoon (which thankfully, did not mess up my night sleeping pattern), and I was out like a light when I did sleep. I needed the rest.

Also, during March I redesigned by cards and other things for my business and re-named it too…

Dragon Goddess Healings.

A service in the name of Goddess that offers Crystal Healing, Tarot and White Witchcraft services.

I felt that doing this and getting things ready was right.
Deep down in my heart and soul.
I also booked a day to do a Pendulum workshop in April – many people did ask me for one.
I finally finished typing up the workshop and all I needed to do now was promote it. Goddess looked out for me, when the shop I am doing it at found a bigger space for me – it was amazing and exciting!

But on the physical/human plane – things weren’t going so well.

I was down and doubting myself (yet again), there was a few household issues (that me and the husband did sort out) and the biggest problem was regarding my part-time physical job.
I was getting very few hours and it was hard finacially when the Februaray and March paycheck came through. I did think that with the Easter holidays coming up I would get more hours and I did, but I was getting the feeling that the job is not really stable for me and that it may be time to leave. For the moment, I am happy to stay in that job for now as my hours are good – but the niggly feeling of change, espeically when I think about jobs – is always there and getting stronger.

We shall see where Goddess leads me. I just have to learn to trust and accept.

Anyways, that is all the life updates and Goddess Transformation I can write about for the time being now my darlings.
Sorry it was a long one, but a lot did happen – this is really more of a summary – if I had said everything, then this blog would be massive and I am sure one does not want to read a massive blog.

Anyways, thank you for reading and I do hope that you enjoyed this blog.

Until next time, take care and Brightest Blessings.



I know I have used this a few times, but it never changes! XD




Another Selenite Post – A Rant

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If one remembers, I did a blog post on my favourite crystal of all time…Selenite.


Selenite Crystal ball.

You can read more about it here.



OK, I have to do a wee rant here about Selenite…or more specifically to other crystal healers who may use Selenite…


(Also, this is entirely from a witch perspective. BUT it does not mean that what I’m going to say cannot be applied to other crystal healers.)
Why is it, that whenever (9/10 times) I read a book, blog posts or watch videos by other crystal healers…
When Selenite is discussed or mentioned, the typical things are said:
Angelic realms, spirit guides, crown chakra, all chakras, higher intelligences, energy clearing, aura clearing, feminine issues, calmness, clarity, psychic abilities…
Why, why, WHY…do these people NEVER seem to mention that Selenite is connected to the Moon – don’t get me wrong – some do and that is good, however…and more importantly, why is it that people never seem to mention that Selenite is actually named after a MOON GODDESS???!!!
I think that, THAT is truly disrespectful.


It’s named AFTER Selene, the Greek Titan Goddess of the Moon.



The Moon Goddess, Selene.

According to myths and fables about the Moon Goddess, Selenite is supposed to be pieces of Her cloak. When one finds Selenite, one can assume the Moon Goddess had descended and left behind Her crystals as a blessing.


A gift from the Moon Goddess?!
Who in their right mind, would want to reject or cover that up?
*mind blown*
YES! Selenite is a high vibrational stone.
YES! Selenite is capable of connecting to the angels, spirits, higher intelligence.
YES! Selenite can heal and work with all the chakras.
But, is it really THAT hard to admit that Selenite is a DIVINE stone, a GODDESS stone?

In most books I have myself or have read, I have only come across maybe 3 books that mention lunar connections as well as Goddess connections, for example: The Essential Crystal Handbook, Simon & Sue Lilly, Duncan Baird Publishers, 2006.


Even the popular and beloved: The Crystal Bible Volume 1, Judy Hall, Godsfield Press, 2003 – DOESN’T mention that Selenite is connected to the Moon or the Goddess.

To me, personally – that is absolute MADNESS.

Most books/blogs/videos seem to be more happy to mention that Selenite is more connected to the angels.

I don’t disagree with that – I truly belive that to be true.
But, seriously, why is it that hard to mention the Selenite is a Goddess crystal?
Is it because…it’s Pagan?
Is it because…one doen’t want to offend those who believe in angels or God?
Is it because…one is afraid of having a connection/association to Goddess?
Is it because…it’s not important for healers to know?
I am sorry (and truly sorry if this offends anyone…but I am being 100% honest and truthful here, so if you don’t like that…well tough), but those are LAME excuses.
One should not be afraid to say that Selenite is named after a Moon Goddess and there is nothing WRONG with mentioning a crystal has a Divine connection – whether it’s to a Goddess or God, regardless of one’s own personal beliefs.
Mother Earth gave us these crystal to help us heal mind, body and soul.
And some of those stones have divine properties and we should be aware and respectful of that.
Crystal healers – I’m telling you: don’t be afraid to say that Selenite or any other crystal that has deities connected to it is named after those gods and goddesses.
There’s a reason WHY those crystals were given those names.
It because the deities want to work with us through the crystals.
Even if it’s only for a brief moment.

Honor them.
Respect them.
Thank them.

Just like the spirits and angels – Gods and Goddesses want to work with us to heal too.
Be open-minded. Be respectful. DON’T BE AFRAID.
OK, rant is now over.



Sorry about that everyone…but…
I’ve been seeing this sort of thing with Selenite A LOT recently and it was begining to get on my nerves. I had to say something about it.

As one knows with things – it only takes a few people to mention the problems before everyone notices and fixes it.
Anyways, I do hope that you enjoyed this blog post – despite it being a rant – and I wish you all the Brightest Blessings from the Moon Goddess.
Princess Serenity Summon
Take care and cyas!

Book Review #1 ~ A Complete Idiot’s Guide To Witchcraft And Wicca

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Welcome to my first book review! 😀

I’ve been thinking about doing this sort of idea for a while but wasn’t to sure how to go about it, but now it’s kind of like…”I’ll do it MY way” sort of thing, so I do hope that you enjoy my reviews of things that I enjoy and I will do my best to encapsulate everything one may wish to see in a review: the positives, the negatives, overview, what could be improved etc.

Also a wee disclaimer – the photos (apart for the covers) are all my own, taken with my mobile camera – I do apologise if they are not exceptional quality – but they are clear enough for you to actually have a look and read a small part of the book for yourself! 🙂

So with that…onwards and upwards with my first book review!

Book Review #1 ~ A Complete Idiot’s Guide To Witchcraft And Wicca

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Some of you may have come across this book at some point, some love/hate it, some laugh at it.
The title is funny, I won’t lie – I laughed when I first saw this book – it’s similar to the book titles that have “…..for Dummies”. But don’t let it put you off – there’s more to this book than meets the eye and it’s certainly not for complete idiots’ either.

This book…
Was my very first book that I bought on witchcraft. This book was pretty much my key to the door of my spirituality and the life changes that went with it.

I bought this book from my local esoteric shop – Wise Old Crow – in 2014 after my first Tarot reading.

I read the whole thing cover to cover – like a normal book – 3 times in succession after I had bought it – the moment I began reading it – I was hooked. And the more I read, the more the book resonated with me…leading me down the path of witchcraft spirituality to where I am today.

That should tell you something already about this book.

General “About” Information

This book is generally written like that of a high school/secondary text-book, but instead of being about maths/english/history – it is all about the spirituality of Wicca & Witchcraft.

Written by Denise Zimmerman and Katherine A. Gleason (Third Edition revised with Miria Liguana) in 2006, it is published by Alpha Books (published by Penguin Books); it is an American style textbook, split into 6 main parts, with 25 chapters in total and has 360 pages.

The 6 parts are:

  • Wicca Wisdom – this part deals with newcomers to this spirituality, deals with misconceptions and gives a general back story/history of witchcraft and how it is today;
  • The Wiccan Way – this chapter explores the ethics and lifestyle of being a wiccan/witch and makes one question if this path really is the right one for them and explains about the God and Goddess;
  • So You Want To Do Magick? – explaining how ritual works and the general steps on how to prepare for ritual and magick, including how to set up a magickal circle is the focus of this part;
  • Working Magick – this part talks about the general monthly/seasonal rituals that most pagans/wiccans/witches do as well as give some correspondences for summons and magickal items e.g. crystals, oils etc.;
  • Any Time Is The Right Time For Magick – more detail is explained about the timing with nature and it’s seasons, the moon’s orbits, astrology, days of the week when doing magick and what magick is best performed when etc;
  • Witches’ Brew: Notions, Potions and Powders – general guidance for more complicated spellwork and magick work as well as suggestions on how to study and expand one’s knowledge on the craft.

Each part tackles the common based questions and general correspondences one may have about the wiccan spirituality.
It is very general – but it’s a very good place to start and the good sign of a textbook (in my own personal opinion) is if parts of it resonate with you and makes you want to go and do more research on it.

For me personally – I often find, if I need to go back to the basics or research correspondences I often reach out for this book first.

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The Positives +

The positives I find with this book are as follows:

  1. It is easy to read and understand and many points are clearly explained.
  2. The chapters are short and to the point.
  3. It answers almost all of the FAQs about witchcraft.
  4. It’s a great book for basics/correspondences/starting points on topics to expand one’s knowledge.
  5. You CAN go back to this book for references/basics. I do all the time.
  6. You can take you time with this book, part by part, chapter by chapter…or do a me…and read the whole thing at once.
  7. It covers almost the whole general range of topics one can find within Wicca.

The Negatives –

The negatives I find with this book are as follows:

  1. Sometimes the book can be frustratingly TOO general. More details never hurt anyone.
  2. It is an American style text-book – it may not suit everyone’s learning style or taste. (FYI – I am not racist, some people just may not like American books).
  3. While it does touch on it (I personally find this with MANY spiritual books), there could be better explanations for the mental/emotional/psychological changes one can experience when discovering this pathway.
  4. Not enough pictures to help explain things – I know it’s a textbook, but still…pictures never hurt anyone.
  5. It can be a bit repetitive – not a bad thing, it’s always good to re-emphasise points but not every chapter in some parts!

Improvements As Suggested By Me

Personally, I truly do think that there is only one that could be improved on in this book if it were ever to be reprinted – or if I was ever to redo this book myself (I wish…*sigh*).

And that is:

I wish there had been either a chapter or some selected paragraphs within the appropriate chapters of the mental/emotion/psychological effect that this pathway can have on you.

Now…I am NOT saying, that this pathway affected me badly – I have had more ups than downs – but I do think that it’s important to realise how important it is to be aware of the massive changes this spirituality can bring.

Most of the changes are extremely positive – there is no denying that. But there are some times when one experiences something and they just want answers or a least a small explanation of why it happened to them – and often will reach for a book to do so – I sure did when these moments happened to me. But sadly this book doesn’t really give you that.

It’s the only thing missing, I feel from this book and as said – either a chapter or dedicated paragraphs in the correct chapters would probably help and prepare one for said changes when they DO occur.


Overall, this book is HIGHLY recommended by yours truly.

It is a perfect book for beginners into this craft or for someone who just wishes to study about the craft.
Often when I am asked, “What books do you recommend…” I will always say this one first. I have had some people laugh at the title like I did when I first heard it – but when I explain how the book is and works – they are intrigued by it.

I give it a 9/10.
4/5 stars.

This book was the first book I ever bought on witchcraft.
It lead me to find myself and my witchcraft spirituality.
I have never regretted buying or reading it. 🙂 ❤

Thank You

Thank you kindly, for taking the time to read this blog and book review. I apologise if this was short or general – but it is my first review after all!
I enjoyed writing this and sharing this amazing book with you all and if it has helped someone or encouraged you to take a look, then my work here is done and I am glad to have helped in a small way.

Until the next time, take care and Brightest Blessings.



Happy New Year 2018

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Happy New Year! May 2018 bring you the Brightest Blessings!

yule winter dragon

“It may be winter outside, but in my heart, it’s spring…”

Anyways – just a short blog to wish you all the best for 2018 and to let you all know that I am planning to do more blogs – I have several ideas already planned; I plan to do at least 2 blogs per month, continuing on from what I have already done thus far but also adding in some new posts – such as faveourite book/movie reviews, advice blogs on certain topics, expanding on topics I’ve already wrote about in more detail etc.

Until then, take care and Brightest Blessings. xxx

serenity silver crystal

My Fashion Style #1

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So today I am going to talk about my personal fashion style; what I wore as a child and teenager and in My Fashion Style Blog #2, I will discuss how certain idols, events and spirituality influenced my current fashion.

I do hope that you enjoy! So let’s begin…

My Fashion Style #1

OK, if I was to describe my fashion style with just ONE word…

It would be…


As my quote says “Kindness, elegance and spirit are beautiful.”
I truly believe that these three things are important and key to being a good soul while on this earth.

Early Days

Ever since I was little, I have always loved dresses and loved dressing up in pretty makeup and jewellery that my Mum and Nana had. I loved shiny, pretty things and how they would compliment dresses and make one look elegant and princess-y.
I always wanted to look like a Lady, like my maternal Nana was. No matter what time of day, my Nana was always elegantly dressed and made up, even if it was for a walk down to the beach with her grandkids!

So I’d say, from a young age – Nana was one of my biggest inspirations in fashion because she was a Lady.  And I am very grateful for that. Many of my family say now, that I do dress, act and look a little like Nana now – and that is a huge comfort to me.

And of course – there was also always the Disney Princesses that I grew up with.  I remember constantly saying to my folks, “I’m going to have a Princess Belle dress someday!” and they would laugh and joke and encourage, but as I am now older – I don’t have a Princess Belle Dress, but I do have my own style which is better in retrospect. 🙂

I also did encounter the anime Sailor Moon around the age of 10; the first character I saw was Princess Serenity – so she would have an impact on me, fashion-wise and idol wise for a long time to come – I often remember drawing out her dress and asking Nana is we could ever make it – sadly we never did.

But I was also a tomboy, so I spent a lot of time in shorts and trousers – because at the time they were practical, especially if my friends and I had played in messy places!

I remember one time I went out to play in a pretty, flower dress that was meant for special occasions (dresses were expensive in my day) and I ripped it climbing a fence!!!
I was so upset, I tried sewing it myself and of course, did a hash job. Thankfully, Nana was able to fix it as she was a seamstress.

I don’t really have any photos to share from those times sadly, but I do remember the multi-coloured checkered dress, the flower dress and black jogging trousers that I wore a lot when I was younger. I seemed to fluctuate between being a tomboy and a Lady.

But I didn’t really develop a “style” until my teenage years.

Teenage Style

I have mentioned before in my makeup post that I went through a Gothic stage in my teens.
This was actually influenced by…anime.
Especially the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Yami Yugi was my favourite character and I was happy to discover that I already had a similar outfit to him in my everyday drawers – so for most of my teens, that was kind of my “style”.

The photo you see above, was also one of the first photos I ever sent to my now-husband Chris, a few years after we had met online, on a Yu-Gi-Oh! forum of all places.
I wore a black top, blue or black jeans/denim miniskirts, and a gothic neck collar with black cuffs on each wrist. Sometimes I would wear a fashion necklace under the collar – often silver coloured. I always wore my gold hoop earring that my Mum and Dad got for my 16th birthday. I did have some other cheaper earrings – but I rarely wore those. I often did my makeup (although none here in this photo) with black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, black mascara and either red or clear lip gloss. (Red lipstick was a no-no at my school, *sigh*)

It was also around my late teens that I began to wear white – not much, mind you – often in the form of silver/white accessories and jewellery. I did have some white tops and skirts, but wore them only, very occasionally. I also loved wearing boob tubes where I could get away with it – I loved the “off shoulder” look and the fact you didn’t have to wear a bra! (FYI – back then, I had always thought I was a 34B, but it turns out I was measured wrong and carried that for almost 10 years, until I got measured again and found out that I am actually a 34D! Confidence boost or what?)


Me at 17 in the beginning of my white style. The lady you see in the photo in blue – that’s my maternal Nana. See how she was a Lady? 🙂

So during my teens, I did have some style – but it fluctuated drastically between 2 styles and in truth – they both were a part of me, but I alway felt down the middle about what style was actually “me”.

I was toying with 2 personalities as it were, but not really finding a balance as to how to be “me” and reflect it in my fashion sense. It was always one extreme or another – which is typically to most teenagers I would think, as it’s really during one’s teenage-hood that one begins to question themselves and try to find and explore who they are.

But the style was there – it just needed time to come out and boy did it start too, full force when I went to university and it really kicked off, during my 20s.

But that is all for the next blog.

Yeah, sorry that it’s short – I don’t want to give away all my fashion secrets in one blog!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog and can see and understand where my tastes in my fashion came from and how they are all a part of me now.

Until next time, Bright Blessings!



Persephone Descent #2

Heyo everyone! BESD_Avatar_by_PhuiJL2

As one can see from the title, I have had another “Persephone Descent” or a Dark Night of the Soul.

This will be a relatively short blog, I apologise for that, but until I can ascend once again, updates will be whenever possible.

Persephone Descent #2


Once again, I have gone down into the underworld of my soul and it has not been easy or a very nice place to go.

I have been to the doctors and I have been diagnosed with depression – again.
The last time I was diagnosed was back at the end of 2013 after I was bullied out of that horrible job I had at the time. (I will elaborate in another blog in the future).

This time has been pretty bad for me, I have had very dark thoughts, generally very low spirits, no motivation for anything including my spirituality.

Speaking of my spirituality – Wicca – I have lost all connection with myself and Goddess. I feel so unworthy of Her and I have let Her down as well as many other people, including my own husband. I have no good energy to conduct within rituals and to help others with at this time. Even my crystal healing has been on hold.

I have recognised that I had problems and I tried to do things that have made me happy and positive but they literally lasted one day before my mood would do a 180° turn and I would end up more miserable the next day. So I finally went to the doctor after I wrote down some thoughts and showed them to my husband who recognised that they were very dark and that I really needed to get help – my darling husband has been so supportive for me and I love him dearly for that. I feel so sorry for him that I put him through this – but he promised me and I promised him that we would always love and support each other no matter what.

I’ve signed up for a therapy scheme and only time will tell if I need to go on any medications. Until then, it is a waiting game.

It’s also a good opportunity to look within myself and face my darkness, my shadow self, like Persephone Herself did and emerge as an initiated when the time is right for the light, my light to shine once again.

serenity silver crystal

Apologies for the short blog, but I’d thought to let you all know.

Until then, take care and Bright Blessings. xxx

Woman, Witch & Wife

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Sorry, that is has been a while, I have been so busy!

Mainly life changes because…

As of 6th September 2017, I officially and lawfully became…a wife.

Yes, you heard right – I got married! 😀

I got married to my soul mate, my life partner, my true love, my husband – Christopher Saunders at 10am on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

The full moon was in the sign of Pisces (my husband’s star sign), so that was a good sign overall! Also the Mercury Retrograde had ended the day before – thank Goddess!!
And it was almost 13 years ago that we first contacted each other, 10 years when we began to properly date. (13 and 10 are very lucky numbers in my book and in a spiritual sense too!)
And thanks to these  little synchronicities – the day went very, very well – no major hiccups – and everyone enjoyed themselves, while Chris and I were over the moon with happiness and love.

So here are some photos from the day.

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As one can see, I wore a simple, off shoulder white dress, with a handmade quartz crystal crown and carried a single white rose.

Jewellery wise: I wore my silver rainbow moonstone pentacle necklace and pearl earrings. The gold wedding band (which belonged to my late maternal Nana) was the only other adornment once it had been received.

Make-up: The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in 010. The Body Shop Volumising Mascara in Black. Sleek Highlighter pallet in Solstice. The Body Shop Matte Lipstick in New Orleans Scarlet.

My husband, wore a simple black suit, shirt and shoes. He chose not to wear a ring, which is perfectly fine with me.

Overall –  I am so happy to have Chris in my life and was extremely happy that Chris and I got the wedding we wanted.
I wanted the wedding to be about BOTH of us (which seems rare to me nowadays – it’s always focussed on the bride to a degree in my personal opinion) and as well everyone else in the family who was there to be happy and comfortable.

After the ceremony, we finished things off by having a wedding lunch at a local bistro and then we went back to our flat, socialized a bit then everyone went their separate ways. Our neighbours surprised Chris and I – by booking a night at the Wellington Hotel in Boscastle for our honeymoon – which was extremely kind of them to do so (Chris and I had mentioned in passing that we were going to honeymoon next year as we couldn’t afford it straight after the wedding).

We had a wonderful time in Boscastle and the Wellington Hotel – it truly felt like a Goddess blessing.

I am so happy and so very much in love with my husband – even more so than I was 13 years ago when I first met him. My love for him continues to keep growing – there is not a day that goes past where our love for one another grows.

I love you Chris, thank you for being with me and for allowing me to become your wife. Thank you for your love and support. I will do the same for you. ❤

So I apologise that it’s a short blog, but I have been busy with the new husband (take that as you will… XD) and making lots of changes in many things.

Until the next time, I wish you the Brightest Blessings and take care!

My Top 5 Disney Films

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So, I decided to take a break from writing about spiritual things for the time being…after all, this is a blog that is encompassing the things in life that make me happy and it’s not all related to my spiritual practices and beliefs.

So this blog is going to be dedicated to my top 5 Disney films.

I have always loved Disney films ever since my late Nana and Grandpa put them on every Saturday my family went to see them when I was little, right up till the days they passed away. Disney films are something that make me extremely happy and brighten up my day when I watch them, no matter what. I love the themes, the music, the songs the characters…there was always a message that I understood and felt aligned to within the movie.

Walt Disney definitely understood the magic, impact and messages that animated and live action films could portray to the audience, both big and small. And he knew how to portray his films in a way that everyone could enjoy them. He knew how to take a story, good or bad, happy or sad and sprinkle it with a little magic to make it memorable for everyone.

Some of my favourite quotes from Walt Disney himself include:

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So today, I will talk a little about each film that really inspired me, both during my youth and adult years (thus far) and tell you why these top 5 are my favourite.
Why 5?
Well…I am a pinickity bitch to put it politely.
I KNOW what I like and what I DON’T like.
I am picky.

Deal with it. 🙂


Top 5 Disney Films

  • In at Number 5…Atlantis: The Lost Empire. (2001)


    This is a very good action packed animated film.
     The basic plot is of a group of rag-tag, unlikely explores looking to make the archaeological find of the century – Atlantis – but stumble across a still-living civilisation and the great power it holds. And when that power is threatened to be used and abused, it’s up to the linguist Milo Thatch and Princess Kida of Atlantis to restore the power and save the ancient civilisation.

    What I liked about this film was the research into all the theories the modern world has about Atlantis – from technology to crystals to a well-advanced culture. I also loved the action – there are no songs in this film (although I wish there was!) – it was a slow action crescendo to the finale where the true power of Atlantis is unleashed to save all within it.
    I also did not see the twist come through before the finale – where the true villains are revealed – the film did everything to make it look as though the villains were someone else (kinda like with Frozen).

    I liked Kida, Princess of Atlantis – she was very strong and independent warrior woman and willing to talk to Milo and the others in order to save her people and culture – she is definitely an over-looked Disney Princess. All I can further say about her is…wow…the magic with the crystals she does – very awe-inspiring to a crystal healer like myself. 🙂

  • In at Number 4…The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (1996)


    One of the “darkest” themed Disney films out there, I loved how, as a child, I could see the basic messages of  “standing up for justice and don’t treat others different because of…” but as I got older…whoa boy…

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame stars Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer and his adventures on leaving Notre Dame to explore Paris with the gypsy Esmerelda, while trying to deal with his strict and religious master, Frollo. But when Frollo starts to go after Esmerelda and threaten the very safety of Notre Dame and Paris, Quasimodo must rise up against all the rigid strictures he has been brought up to follow and has dealt with to save everyone

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame deals with real-life issues of discrimination, racism, dark desires (lust) and religious fanaticism. Subtle, but it IS there.

    I loved Esmerelda, her sense of freedom and justice being important to me (as a Sagittarius, I can totally relate to those issues) and Quasimodo, his kindness than shone through no matter what, despite him being treated different because of his deformity – but even as a child, I saw the themes of discrimination  – even if I did not understand it at the time. It was the same for some of Frollo’s scenes – they made me shiver as I understood that something dark was there – but did not understand until I was older. It’s incredible and scary and creepy when you think about the deeper meanings as you grow older. And you appreciate the film for that protrayal when you were a child and as an adult. But the film is still there for all the family to enjoy.

    Such is the wonders of Disney to portray such strong messages for both younger and older!

  • In at Number 3…Frozen. (2013)


    Probably, no surprise to anyone…Frozen is a modern Disney masterpiece with the main message of “be yourself”.

    Frozen is about two royal sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa is hiding a secrect…she holds the power of ice. Anna, oblivious to her sister’s torment – accidentally reveals her sister’s powers at Elsa’s coronation, which in turn sets off an eternal winter. So it up to Anna to find her sister, reconcile and bring back summer. However, only an “act of true love” can thaw a frozen heart and save the kingdom and the sisters,  so Anna and Elsa try to be true to themselves and work out their relationship as sisters, to save their home..

    I will admit, I did not see this film until one year later, after it came out – and it came along at a crucial time in my life. I watched it when I went through my depression in the winter of 2014 and (no surprise to anyone again…) “Let It Go” really resonated with me – letting go of past hurts and moving forward and being yourself – all resonated with me as I also found my spiritual path in Wicca around the same time. This film also made me appreciate my relationship with my little sister even more so as well. Love doesn’t have to be romantic…family love is just as important.

    Elsa and Anna were both very interesting characters and both resonated with me – Elsa being more so – as both sisters are trying to be themselves but they’re conforming to social formalities (at first) and then breaking those boundaries, pushing the limits and learning about themselves and fighting past the fear that can warp and destroy, if love doesn’t factor into relationships. I loved the villain twist near the finale too – so unexpected but amazingly done.

    It truly was a film that touched everyone’s heart and thawed them to reveal many true selves to shine through in a better way. Mine included. 🙂

  • In at Number 2…Moana. (2015)


    Wow…is all I can say about this film.
    I know I said I wouldn’t bring spirituality into this blog but….


    But…keeping it real…this film follows the same path of Frozen of being true to yourself, discovering yourself and following your true self.
    And you know what else is cool about this film?
    There is no “love” themes within it either. Which is not a bad thing…it’s just different, mixing up the formula a little and…it worked out in this film.

    Moana…a story about a girl who is set to be the next chief of her people, but has a great love for something taboo – the ocean. But when her island is threatened with destruction, Moana has to break the taboo to sail the ocean and restore the Heart of Te Fiti – the Goddess who gave life to the world. Along the way she teams up with a demigod – Maui – who teaches her about the ocean and the adventure allows Moana to explore and discover what it is that makes Moana…her true self.

    And that really touched my heart in the best way possible. The scenes with Grandma Tala touched me deeply and reminded me of my own Nana and how she inspired me.
    Even with all odds against you, you should always listen to the voice inside and follow what you love – no matter what it is. Be true to yourself. Be who you are. Be someone who “…Knows the way…”.

  • In at Number 1…Beauty and the Beast. (1991 & 2017)

    Yeah…I know…
    I have listed both versions here…I seriously LOVED both of them!

    But if I REALLY, REALLY had to pick just one – it would be the 1991 version.Ok, all I can say about these films is…they are PERFECTION in my eyes.

    Wonderful and beautiful story, visuals, music, themes, songs, characters, magic….
    Need I say more?

    Beauty and the Beast (1991) was the first Disney film I ever remember seeing and it having a major impact on me.

    Beauty and the Beast is about a village girl named Belle, who wants “more than this provincial life…” and gets it when her father is taken prisoner inside an enchanted castle, home of the Beast; a prince cursed for being selfish – his only hope is to find love and earn it in return before the last enchanted rose petal falls. Belle is able to show the bad-tempered Beast kindness throughout the film and is able to see through the Beast and realise the man within and bring back out the kindness that had always been hidden within the Beast. But there is a shadow in the form of Gaston – a man who wants Belle for himself and is willing to do anything to get her, leading to an epic battle  on the castle rooftops and wonderful magic and transformations to occur after love triumphs!

    First off…Belle is a brunette and a bookworm…kinda like me! She is feisty and independent and knows what she wants out of life, besides romance – kinda like me! Belle can also see the true person within and doesn’t judge a book by its cover (yeah…I know…I had to do at least one bad pun in here!), kinda like me!

    So yeah, Belle is the Disney Princess that I can relate to the most and as such, she has always been my favourite since I first saw her. Princess Belle is probably my most inspirational idol besides Neo Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon.
    Belle’s gold ball gown – definitely memorable. I remember trying to dress up in skirts and tops of my mum’s that related to the colours of what Belle would wear in the film as it came on (but I cried EVERYTIME when the ballroom scene came on as I didn’t have anything to represent the gold ball gown) – that’s how much I loved the film – apart from belting out nearly all the songs on a regular basis. And I still sing the songs a lot even now as an adult!

    The themes within the film are so intense and subtle at the same time. Especially the theme of not judging something by appearance along…which is something modern society and the whole damn world still needs to learn and catch up on!
    But going back to the film, Belle being ostracised by the village for the simple act of reading – it reflects what happened to me during High School in some ways –  I was made fun of for being “different” in that I loved reading and I wanted to be an archaeologist/Egyptologist and did things that weren’t the “norm”. I am sure that many, many of you can relate to that in some way.

    Also the fact that when you meet someone new, it will take time to get to know them, despite their outward appearance. Some of the nicest people in the world have tattoos, grumpy attitudes etc., and some of the most lovely looking people out there have actually a very ugly soul inside. People always wear a “mask” at first meetings and you can never really know who they are or what they are like until you can see past the outer appearance, get to know them after a period of time and see who they truly are inside.

    People should NEVER judge on others but outward appearance alone. But we do and it’s no wonder the world is such a sad, dark place now.
    I think we all need to look back and realise how ridiculous the world is now and start to take steps to make it brighter and happier, where people can be who they want to be and not be judged by it.


    Beauty and the Beast is my absolute top favourite Disney film of all time. It is such a beautiful story and is still very inspirational to me and many others to this day. Belle was seen as being one of the first independent Disney Princesses who didn’t follow the “older” pattern of waiting to be saved by a Prince – it was Belle who actually did the saving, if you think about it.

    And she did it by being herself, by being kind, by not judging by appearance, by taking time to getting to know the Beast and in turn was able to save the day with her bright soul and love.

    That, in of itself, is truly awe-inspiring. And it lights up my soul everytime I think of this film and it’s beauty…both without and within.

So, there you have it – my top 5 favourite Disney films of all time (thus far).
I am glad that I got to share this with you, more than likely in the future this list could be revamped depending on what other films Disney will bring out in the future, but I think I can safely say the number 1 spot will always go to Beauty and the Beast.

It will always hold a special place in my heart, childhood and adulthood.

Not going to lie – it was also nice to do a blog that had nothing to do with spirituality too! It’s always good to mix things up – that’s how one keeps things interesting and fresh. 🙂

I do hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that in some small way, it has made you think of your own favourite Disney films and appreciate them more for what they are.

So until the next time, take care and Brightest Blessings to you all.